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Our background in brewing



The founders of Stockade Brew Co, four brothers, in fact, have been brewing beer together since 2012. Marek, the oldest of the bunch started out in Germany some 15 years ago when he started his brewery education there. It’s a long road for a German brewer in training, and it took him the better part of 10 years, ending with him becoming a Brew Master at the Weihenstephaner academy. After moving back to Australia, Marek basically shanghaied his brothers, Anton, Stefan, and Andre into the brewing business and together purchased an existing contract brewing facility and re-named it Brewpack. A few years later they launched Stockade Brew Co to critical and popular acclaim and have gone from strength to strength ever since.

Brewpack is now its own animal, absolutely pushed to the hilt at the current facility in Smeaton Grange, NSW, and working on plans to open a much larger facility in Goulburn, NSW, whilst Stockade are finalising the launch of a small brewpub-come-barrel room in Marrickville.

Stockade has managed to grow exponentially since its inception and has developed over 2 dozen wildly different beers in less than 2 years. That’s to say every product we develop gets a full production run in both kegs and cartons with wicked artwork to match.

Stockade Brew Co's mantra

It’s pretty simple for SBC;

1. Brew what you want to drink

2. Make it the way you want to

3. Have it be a reflection of who you are

And that isn’t about management or owners, it’s about the whole team. All of our best beer ideas come from the collective representation of our beer journey.

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Stockade Brew Co Barrel Room open from Saturday 16th June!

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