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Once upon a time, there were 4 Aussie brothers; Anton, Marek, Stefan & Andre Szpitalak.

As the boys grew up, they noticed that they had many differences between them. Anton was working in the United States running businesses in sustainable energy. Stefan was deep in building a now franchised swim school business. Marek was living abroad working in a German brewery. Andre resided in Taiwan, making a name for himself in the Solar industry.

Every year the bros got together for some family bonding, and it was at one of these get-togethers that they noticed one super important similarity between them. They all really loved to drink beer!

- and not in the alcoholic sort of sense, but rather for the appreciation of flavours, aromas, and mouthfeel that different brews gave them.

But how does one (four), go from really enjoying a couple of casual brewskis amongst bros to buying a brewery? It may come as a surprise (or not) that the decision to run their own brewery wasn’t made overnight. The brothers bantered around the idea around for a while. Dreaming of just how awesome it would be to brew their own rad beers and have everyone around drink them too!

Eventually, big brother Marek strong-armed his brothers. In all honesty, the boys needed very little convincing, they were already sold on the idea. A simple push was all it took, “Brewery For Sale’.

Marek, Anton, Stefan & Andre had many great discussions over many great beers. But it wasn’t until they physically had, in their hands, the amazing craft beers that their newly bought brewery was producing, that the boys went from liking beer to loving beer.  

Introducing Stockade Brew Co

Our ethos is to make beers that we want to drink right now. We brew them well and never take shortcuts. This model runs straight through to the core of Stockade Brew Co. Our people, our processes and our passions all reflect this.

We’re a creative bunch. Always thinking outside of the box and we sometimes often walk on the wrong side of the line. The way we brew our beers is traditional, yet the concepts for our beers are unique. Our brewing process is all about gut feel, rather than any scientific process. And with our inventive team of brewers, inspiration is never far.

Having said that, we have so many crazy ideas up our sleeve that we’ll be bringing out a new brew every month! The Brew Co team will continue to brew more Hnd Krftd beers and of course, have them available at some of Sydney’s coolest events & venues. We’re not in any rush to take over the world, but we are in a rush to make rad beers. Lots on.

Our core range boasts 4 rad brews: 8BiT IPA, Chop Shop Pale Ale, Duel Hoppy Lager, The Sesh Golden Session Ale

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