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Stockade Brew Co & Speak Easy Group develop Norse-inspired beer



Stockade Brew Co has joined forces with the Speakeasy group and brewed a beer to complement the creation of their newly opened whisky & craft focused bar and restaurant, Mjølner, based in Redfern, NSW. In development for the last 3 months, we've created an aromatic, flavourful and exciting take on a Belgian Witbier, named, “Odin’s Raven” which has been inspired by a traditional Norse brew, delivered to quench the thirst of Odin himself.

This is essentially a classic Belgian Wit, including orange peel and coriander but the team wanted a twist, so they added juniper, an ancient element found in a traditional Norwegian beer known as Sahti. While Sahti uses juniper stalks in replacement of hops, the Stockade and Mjølner crew instead chose to use the berry to enhance the profile.

Odin’s Raven is best paired with the best game meat and cheeses a Norse God would be deserving of; suckling pig, lamb racks and pork knuckles. Freshly caught trout or smoked salmon with dill would also do this beer great justice.



Mjølner is a restaurant and whisky bar, focusing on whole animal cooking, rotisserie style. Created in Thor’s Image, a current day interpretation of the Viking feasts and celebrations. Mjølner (pronounced mih-yohl-ner) draws inspiration from the grand Asgardian feasts of Valhalla, where the Viking Gods indulged their senses both day and night. The restaurant combines historic Viking features with contemporary Scandinavian design.

Owned by the Speakeasy Group who have award-winning venues such as Eau De Vie Sydney & Melbourne, The Roosevelt and Boiler Maker House, the Speakeasy Group focus on creating a unique customer experience. Mjølner has a cocktail list of 20 Viking inspired drinks, 9 taps focusing on craft brews and an ever-growing whisky collection of some 400+ options to choose from.



We will be officially launching Odin’s Raven at Mjølner (Sydney) on Tuesday 9th May from 6pm. You’ll get to try the beer with a brewer’s shout running until the first keg empties and some perfectly paired Asgardian-inspired dishes. In addition, we’ll be kicking off the beer at Boilermaker House (Melbourne). 

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