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Ever wanted to know the difference between a Russian Imperial Stout and Barrel Aged Dark Ale? Keen to learn about how a beer is made and all that goes into the process of getting it to your lips? Stockade's Beer Masterclass - The Barrel Room Experience is probably what you're after.

Join us every Saturday from 11am where you'll get;

- the Brewery Tour
- a Tasting Paddle
- to sample an aged beer straight from the barrel
- a Take-away 6 pack + Stockade bottle opener

Capacity is limited to 12 people per week, so bookings are essential. Classes run every Saturday from 11am. Click this link to book you and your friends into the next available masterclass now!

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PASH Passionfruit XPA

Exclusively available at the Stockade Barrel Room and a select few venues around Melbourne, this beer is brimming with passionfruit delight.
Stockade Brew Co Barrel Room open from Saturday 16th June!

Stockade Brew Co Barrel Room open from Saturday 16th June!

In June 2018, we open the Stockade Brew Co Barrel Room, a place for people to join us on our journey, as we continue to explore the world of beer. Located in Australia’s up and coming craft beer capital, the Marrickville based venue features...
Our background in brewing

Our background in brewing

Stockade has managed to grow exponentially since its inception and has developed over 2 dozen wildly different beers in less than 2 years. That’s to say every product we develop gets a full production run in both kegs and cartons with wicked artwork to match.