8 Bit

Throwback this big bitter West Coast-style IPA for a full-tilt hop hit with citrus and sweet malt.

Brewer’s notes:

Delivers a big bitterness with a high hop flavour. Presents citrus and floral aromas on the nose and is a refresher all year around.

  • Style
  • IPA
  • Strength
  • 6.5%
  • Hops
  • Cascade, Centennial, Citra

  • IBU
  • 65
  • Size
  • 375mL
  • Standard Drinks
  • 1.9


Accidentally stumbled across this gem of an IPA and very happy that I did. IMO the best Stockade product ever!

~ John
Sitting at Max's Diner at Narangba and slurping on this wonderfully hoppy IPA. Thanks and congratulations.

~ John
Ive drunk a lot of beer in my life but this one could be the best ever . Well done to the brewmaster if i die tomorrow I know where heven is!!!!

~ david hall
Simply majestic!

~ Silvio Onary
My new favourite IPA!!’ Must try will not be disappointed

~ Cody
8 Bit IPA is a very pleasantest craft beer that has an initial hit of hops but leaves you with a sweet balanced after taste, making it a smooth drink.

~ Thebeerdedvinyl
Cool new design & format ... same solid IPA. I will say though, I reckon 16bit is actually easier drinking.

~ the_sunday_sesh_with_sms
Just a low-fi IPA with a hi-fi satisfaction level on the walk home. Long workdays are suddenly ok.

~ greatbeershitspot
8 Bit IPA by Stockade Brewing Co. Ordered a couple Stockade beers into work and boy I’m glad I did! Pours a nice hazy orange and golden tinge with a thin head. Aromatics are composed of citrus fruits, mainly orange and lemon. Taste follows suit, with a generous hit of citrus, a nice touch of pine and a slight but pleasant sweetness given off by the malt. Bitterness lingers on the tongue a little but doesn’t overpower the citrus hops. You get a nice fizzy mouthfeel and each sip goes down a treat! Although it didn’t blow me away, the 8 Bit is a well-balanced, well hopped and drinkable IPA. Rating 7.5/10

~ the_hop_catalogue
The beer was an easy decision. @stockadebrewco 8 Bit IPA has made the move to tins, and while I'm not completely sold on the can art (I was a big fan of the old labels) it's nice to see the beer itself hasn't missed a beat. It's still the well-hopped West Coaster that's made it a go-to IPA for the last few years.

~ Mrboozybanter