The Mountie

This big, rich stout is all about roasty raisins, chocolate, maple syrup and more maple syrup.

Brewer’s notes:

Brewed to be a big beer with rich roasted flavours, without being boozy. Maple syrup added post boil to achieve the distinct aroma and flavour.

  • Style
  • Stout
  • Strength
  • 12.0%
  • Hops
  • AU Cluster, Centennial, US Cascade

  • IBU
  • 50
  • Size
  • 330mL
  • Standard Drinks
  • 3.1


First tried this at the Dark Nights beer night at the Union. Amongst a lot of good dark beers this was in a league of its own, it really is that good.

~ Robbo
First class beer. This along with Moon Dog's Captain Raisin Beard are the greatest beers I have ever drank. Please do another run of The Mountie guys. Please!

~ John Routledge
Absolutely stunning. One of the best stouts ever produced.

~ Mr stephen Salt
Maple Imperial Stout is one of the best beautifully crafted beers I have ever tasted. I absolutely it is wonderful flavours and highly recommend this beer to anyone who truly loves crafted beers ?

~ Craig
This beer is seriously like drinking liquified waffles doused in maple syrup, with chocolate coated raisins on top ?. It's deliciously roasty, and full-bodied, pours syrupy, with a decent thinly-laced tan head. A slight hint of cocoa and nice touch of nuttiness pair with the brown sugar and maple sweetness perfectly, with a just enough malt and bitterness to bring it all together ?. Although the maple lingers, a sweet fruitiness develops over the course of tasting, as the beer warms up.

~ taps4tara
The Mountie, Maple Imperial Stout. Very good desert beer for a Sunday night after a jam packed day of Auskick, fishing and award winning sausages in the BBQ. Baths done, movie on and relax. Doesn’t taste like a 12% beer. Easy drinking stouty goodness.

~ Craftbeersofsydney
Coming in at 12% ABV, this was no slouch either. It poured equally brooding in the glass but had a deep and rich maple aroma. In the mouth the Mountie had a balanced and deep caramelised maple butter flavour with a punchy coffee finish. It also drank smoother than good pancake batter. I said a quiet ‘oh Canada!’ ?? and promptly ordered a follow-up serve.

~ alphonso_drinks