Grapefruit, zest, subtle hops. WHAM! You’ve got yourself the XPA Splicer.

Brewer’s notes:

Brewed using a blend of Vic Secret, Ella and dry hopped Centennial. Couldn’t just settle for a straight up XPA, so added grapefruit to the mix, creating a smashable thirst-quencher.

  • Style
  • XPA
  • Strength
  • 4.4%
  • Hops
  • Vic Secret, Ella, dry hopped Centenial

  • IBU
  • 31
  • Size
  • 375mL
  • Standard Drinks
  • 1.3


Unlike any beer I’ve ever had before and I absolutely loved it! @stockadebrewco XPA is super delicious! I half expected to be punched in the face with hops and over the top fruity flavours; but it was nothing like that at all! The hops were subtle and well balanced with a beautiful sweet grapefruit zest. This beer is super refreshing and very sessionable! The grapefruit zest make it almost taste like a flavoured mineral water. I cannot wait to smash tinnies of this nectar of the gods all summer ??? @stockadebrewco XPA 9.5/10??p

~ Sipsiptime
XPA Splicer by @stockadebrewco is a cracker. Grapefruit aroma and sweetness to curb the tart make this a delightful brew. My second plunge with these guys and thoroughly enjoying them. Bought a six pack just to make sure I liked it. ??

~ Craftbeerblogboy
Digging the new clean can design from @stockadebrewco ?? Almost as clean as the beer ? Grapefruit juice and zest make this XPA Splice a refreshing little number. At 4.4%ABV I will be smashing a few of these in the warmer months.? All for beer, Beer for all.

~ Craftbeerhouse