Grapefruit, zest, subtle hops. WHAM! You’ve got yourself the XPA Splicer.

Brewer’s notes:

Brewed using a blend of Vic Secret, Ella and dry hopped Centennial. Couldn’t just settle for a straight up XPA, so added grapefruit to the mix, creating a smashable thirst-quencher.

  • Style
  • XPA
  • Strength
  • 4.4%
  • Hops
  • Vic Secret, Ella, dry hopped Centenial

  • IBU
  • 31
  • Size
  • 375mL
  • Standard Drinks
  • 1.3


Trie to write a 'proper' review - but this CRAP REVIEW tab would not allow me - pity - NEATO BEER.

~ Bill
I hate that this beer is so good it has ruined every other beer on the planet for me. It's so refreshing and easy to drink, it's almost unfair to the competition. Heaven in a can.

~ Sam
Tried this beer for the first time and just loved it! So drinkable, so light & refreshing.

~ Sue Schabel
I just love this Beer! High recommend to my friends!!!👍

~ Fabio
Keep coming back for more of this - its simply delicious!

~ Carlos
Reviewed XPA Splicer on YouTube

~ Simon Robinson
Great summer beer

~ Ben Thomas
An excellent and refreshing everyday 😊

~ Singo
This is the nicest beer going. Easy to drink with the perfect grapefruit balance. Outstandong 10/10

~ Kane Hitchcock
XPA Splicer by @stockadebrewco is a cracker. Grapefruit aroma and sweetness to curb the tart make this a delightful brew. My second plunge with these guys and thoroughly enjoying them. Bought a six pack just to make sure I liked it. ??

~ Craftbeerblogboy